Tuesday, September 1, 2009

things to consider...

After reviewing the perspectives, we have put together a lists of challenges that you, as a class, appear to be experiencing. Please take a moment to review these comments and reflect on how you can utilize them to enhance the quality of your work.

the world is not flat
Take some time to observe your surrounds and you will notice that all elements have a thickness. Work on adding a thickness to the appropriate elements in your drawings to create a more realistic looking image.

giving a greater depth
There seemed to be a challenge with giving a depth to the windows and skylights. Remember that the walls, floor, and ceiling all have a thickness. The thickness should be illustrated in the openings, such as windows, skylights and doorways.

including all the pieces
It is important to create a great image but it's just as important to remember all the requirements of a project. While working on these drawings take some time to read over the project description. It may be helpful to create a checklist for each project to keep you on track and organized.

sizing up the project
With all projects you will have requirements. With this in mind, one of the most important requirements to follow will be the sizing of your drawing sheet. Work with the sheet size required for most of your rough drafts. This practice should allow you to get a better understanding of your space limitations and in the end help with creating a better composition.

Finishing touches
Before you turn in a drawing, take a step back and review your own work against a solid background. Ask yourself a few questions. Are any lines missing? Does anything seem out of place? Do the proportions work? Is there any area that needs further detail? Becoming your own critic can help you work on your weaknesses and also help you to discover your strengths.

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